How do I get started with A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a fantastic way to test variations of your campaign to see what works better.

Typically only an "A" and a "B" segment are used, but you can create up to 10 variations labeled from A to J on a single campaign. The recipients you add to your campaign will be more or less evenly assigned to the segments of your campaign.

Create an A/B Test segment

  1. Set up the messages in your campaign sequence
  2. Click the "A/B Test" button

  3. Click either Copy your segment to make an exact copy so you can make small tweaks or Start a fresh segment to create a completely new segment

💡Pro-tip! We recommend choosing Copy your segment and making tweaks to one thing on your email like the subject line, the first sentence, or a specific paragraph while keeping everything else the same. This way after the campaign runs, you'll know what specific change made the difference.

What should I test?

  • Different subject lines
  • New follow-ups
  • Different gaps between follow-ups
  • Messages that go out on clicked links

View stats

  • Once your campaign has started sending, the campaign segment section will show message stats for each segment and the individual messages. 
  • After the campaign has finished sending, you can also analyze overall campaign stats and compare each segment in the Campaign Overview.
  • Exports contain segment data - a "Segment" column so you can easily use spreadsheet software to analyze performance. 
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