How do I use the Lead Catcher?

How does it work?

  • By default, someone becomes a lead when they reply to one of your emails
  • You can set your own rules for how people become leads when you create a campaign
  • If a prospect was marked as Lead Won, Ignored, or Lost replies back to you, the lead will be reopened
  • Follow-up & On-Click emails in your campaign are automatically cancelled when someone becomes a lead
  • The teammate assigned to a campaign is the person that new leads will be assigned to
  • You can manually make someone a lead, they can become a lead through our API or you can use conversion tracking to make someone a lead

Using Lead Catcher

  1. Click on Campaigns and then Lead Catcher in the left sidebar

  2. Alternatively, if you have open leads, you'll see the Lead Catcher option in your menu

  3. From here you can manage your leads

How do I manage leads?

All of the open leads assigned to you will show up first. You can use the filters to do the following:

  • Find a lead by search
  • Show open leads for a specific campaign
  • Show leads that are assigned to any of your teammates
  • Review old leads by showing only ignored or closed leads

Click on any lead to load up that person's history and take action. Or if you want to take actions in bulk, check the boxes and a selection bar will show.  You can change the status, change who the leads are assigned to, add them to your unsubscribe list, or even move those leads into a new campaign.

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