How do I create a campaign?

Using the Sequences wizard, you'll get walked through step by step, but check out all the info you need to know to make sure your campaign is set up for success.

  1. On the Campaigns page, click New Campaign.

  2. Review your basic info, such as the campaign name and the email address you're using to send it. Change the name to something that describes your campaign - once you have quite a few, you'll be happy you did!
  3. Click Prospects to move on to the next step.

  4. Drag and drop your CSV file to import your prospects. You can also manually type in your list of prospects, import from a CRM, or use an existing list you've uploaded before.

  5. On the Map Fields step, review all the fields and make sure any corresponding column names are mapped to the default fields.

  6. And don't forget to review the list of Other Fields to ensure you're importing the ones you need.

  7. Click Import Prospects. The system will review your entire CSV file, top to bottom, to ensure everything is in working order.

  8. Once that's done, click Open List Cleaner to clean your list. You should do this for every list, even if you've imported some of the prospects before because emails can go stale after periods of time.

  9. When the list cleaner is done, we recommend removing Bad and Risky emails since those have a higher likelihood of bouncing.

  10. Then click Next and review your sending settings. If you don't need to track Opens or Clicks, you'll want to deselect those.

  11. Click Sequence to move to the next step.

  12. Click Create New Sequence to start building out your new sequence or if you've built some campaigns before, click Import Sequence to use a sequence from one of your other campaigns or templates.

  13. In the text editor, build out your message and enter a subject line.

  14. To add more messages, click the + below your message and select from the available options. Most people add follow-up messages.

  15. Click Personalize to review the messages. You don't need to review all prospects, but it's a good idea to review a few to make sure your text replacements are working.

  16. Once you've done that, click Confirm and review the campaign overview.

  17. Click Start Campaign - don't worry, there's a 5+ minute delay and you can pause your campaign if you don't want it to start sending.

Give yourself a pat on the back! You built your first campaign. 👏

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