How do I get an App Password for my Google email address?

To connect via SMTP, you'll need an App Password to ensure your email account stays connected to VoilaNorbert Sequences. App Passwords are one-time passwords and should be unique to the app you're connecting - don't reuse old App passwords as they won't work.

Without an App Password, your mail provider will not authenticate your email connection.

Don't have the App Password option? You may need to reach out to your mail account's admin or manager to get access to this option. Sorry, but there's no way to bypass app passwords at this time.

  1. Head to and confirm you're logged into the correct account
    • Not in the account you need an app password for? Click your profile icon in the upper right corner to log into another account
  2. Click Security

  3. Scroll down to How you sign into Google and click 2-Step Verification

    • If it's not enabled, it's best to turn this on. Just follow Google's on screen steps and you'll have it enabled in no time
  4. Scroll down to App Passwords and click > in the lower right corner

  5. You may be prompted to log in again for Google's security purposes

  6. Type in "VoilaNorbert" and click Create

  7. Copy that password and paste it in the SMTP/IMAP settings when connecting your mail account, then click Done

This is a one-time password, so you'll need to create a new App Password when connecting to VoilaNorbert Sequences.

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